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Navigating Growth and Cost Efficiency: An Interview with Guanajuato Silver's James Anderson

In this exclusive episode of TokStocks, we sit down with James Anderson, the Chairman and CEO of Guanajuato Silver Company (TSXV: GSVR, OTC: GSVRF, AQSE: GSVR) a rapidly growing silver producer based in Mexico. As arguably the nation's fastest-growing silver company, Guanajuato owns and operates four producing silver mines and has an output of nearly one million silver-equivalent ounces per quarter.

Join us as James delves into the company's operations, unique market position, and strategic plans for the future. The Company’s current focus is on getting to a place of cost-efficiency and scalable production. Can they do it? We shall see in the quarters ahead. Guanajuato Silver has an impressive institutional shareholder base to support them and recently closed on additional funds at higher levels.

Whether you're a seasoned investor on the lookout for your next promising venture, or you're just getting started and are fascinated by the lucrative world of silver production, this interview has something valuable for you. We really enjoyed James being so candid and open to answer our questions.


Episode Chapters:

0:00 Episode Intro

2:00 Annual Production Guidance

2:24 Who is James Anderson?

3:40 How the Company became Guanajuato

9:00 Resources and the Upgrading of Them from Historic to NI 43-101

10:00 Ownership Structure of Projects

11:30 Thoughts on Royalties

12:50 Fiat and Precious Metals

14:30 Supply & Demand for Silver

16:15 Contract Miners or Your Own?

18:12 Annual Revenue Run Rate

21:00 Continued M&A or Optimization of Current Mines?

23:59 Do You Spend Time Boots on the Ground in Mexico?

26:10 What's it Like Working in Mexico?

27:49 Are You Enjoying Your Work?

30:19 Any of Your Production Hedged?

32:00 Quarterlies Still Show A Loss...What's the Colour Here?

34:34 Headwinds

35:20 6 to 12 Month Goals

36:17 Consolidating a Prolific Mining District

37:47 Cap Table & Shareholders

43:20 Quick Company Pitch

44:20 Interview Wrap Up


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We have NOT been compensated for this video but we ARE shareholders of Guanajuato Silver Company

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