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Founder & Managing Director

Keir Reynolds

Keir Reynolds has more than 20 years working in the financial sector firsty starting his career with CIBC. Since 2006, he’s been solely focused and an active investor in the Canadian small-cap sector and assisted with raising more than $1B for dozens of issuers.

What We Do.

We are a financial media company that connects retail investors with market commentary, usually privy to institutions, such as CEO interviews and insights into the markets, sectors and deal flow that could deliver massive potential gains.

We aren’t just another financial media company producing long winded fluffy, always positive content for people who like to see themselves on camera. We are different - we get straight to the goddamn point and have a no BS policy. Don’t come on our show if you can’t speak the truth.

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TokStocks Podcast

Where we get into the nitty gritty of small-cap stocks, the good, the bad and the legendary. We feature a wide range of guests and industry insiders.

Deal Flow Segments

Video deep dives on our deal flow and sector themes with the potential for 10X returns. No fluff, no BS and definitely for the deal junkies out there.

Pitches & Panels

Hard hitting, keep them honest interviews with company management providing them an opportunity to pitch and convince us of their mission.

Do You Have a Show Idea or Stock We Should Review?

TokStocks is a platform for investors to connect, learn & access small-cap investment insights & opportunities. We were built by investors for investors and would love to hear your ideas! Fill out the form below with your show idea or stock tip.

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Bridging the gap between small-cap public companies and the generalist investor

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