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From Vision to Reality: Kris Weinberg, CEO of Telo Genomics, on Transforming Healthcare

Join us for an insightful and in-depth interview with Kris Weinberg, CEO of Telo Genomics Corp. (TSXV: TELO), as we delve into the cutting-edge advancements in genomic medicine and the significant impact of TeloView technology. Please Read our Disclaimer

In this thought-provoking conversation, Kris Weinberg shares his extensive background and expertise, providing valuable context to understand his role in leading Telo Genomics' mission to revolutionize the medical field through their advancements in testing and monitoring disease progression.

Explore the innovative TeloView technology as Kris Weinberg explains its inner workings and its relevance in the realm of genomics. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how TeloView technology distinguishes itself from other similar technologies, and how it is applied to address specific illnesses and disease areas.

Discover the current stage of Telo Genomics' development cycle and gain insights into the company's future milestones. Kris Weinberg also sheds light on the company's capital structure, valuation, and plans for managing shareholder dilution. Could this be a candidate for a future up-listing to the Nasdaq?

Stay informed about the latest news flow catalysts as Kris Weinberg highlights upcoming events and announcements that may shape Telo Genomics' trajectory. Learn about the company's commitment to keeping shareholders informed about important developments.

We have NOT been compensated for this video but we ARE shareholders of Telo Genomics Corp.

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